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Int'l Logistics Solutions is a fully licensed freight forwarding company specializing in logistics services worldwide. We have established a wide network of industry experts allowing us to offer air, ocean and inland transportation services. Our team designs personalized, simple, hassle free solutions that tailor to every customer’s needs. We pride ourselves in an expansive clientele base ranging from small to large companies across all industries, firms dealing with sensitive contents such as perishables and pharmaceuticals, as well as clients requiring more complex shipping of over dimensional cargo or any other non-conventional criteria. With us, you will receive a door-to-door delivery, immediate response times, and a customized approach to best meet your needs.

Int'l Logistics Solutions was founded in 2008, but our team has over 30 years’ experience in the logistics field. We have worked with many businesses all over the world, helping them grow by reaching more consumers at a faster rate. The expansion of your business is dependent upon the effectiveness and efficiency of your supply chain. This is where we come in to provide you with a simplified, cost effective, customized solution supported by the latest technology and modern facilities.


Our mission is driven by 3 core values:


We are always here for you! We offer 24/7 service via email and phone. By choosing Int'l Logistics Solutions, you will work with the same representative that will guide you through the entire supply chain process, from an initial consultation to a doorstep delivery of your cargo.


A reliable and expansive professional network is key in any cargo transport. We pride ourselves in reliable, established relationships with agents all over the world.


Experience and knowledge matters! In an industry where the unexpected is always expected, with unforeseen weather conditions, labour disputes, strikes, and international conditions, our company will immediately resolve issues or reroute cargo to minimize any potential delays. Our team of the industry’s top professionals have the knowledge of all regulations to accommodate your needs for different modes of transportation and various types of cargo.



Why choose us? Simple! Our dedication to you!

We are a family run business that treats every customer with a uniquely personal touch. Whether you have 1 shipment or 100, our level of service will always reach the golden standard. Our commitment to excellence and to your satisfaction is the foundation of all client relationships. Int'l Logistics Solutions will always provide you with the most cost effective, hassle free, and time efficient transportation approach. We are reliable, flexible, adaptable, detail oriented and will always go the extra mile to make your experience flawless.

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